Ras de Carança Shelter - Coma de Vaca Shelter

Ras du Carança Shelter - Coma de Vaca Shelter,  through lakes and Carança valley

Distance: 12,8 Kilometers

Time: 6 hours

Heights: +892 m, -728 m

Signals: Fitas and red points

Optional Peaks: Torreneules (2711 m), add 2 h to the stage.


We go along the river Carançà meadows and wooded areas. Cross bucolic wetlands and reach the Big Trout lake, of extraordinary beauty. It is a pleasure Carançà crosses the valley with its transparent lakes that reflect the shape of the surrounding peaks. Past Lake Blue Carançà reach the hill and crossing the GR-11, down the lonely Coma de Vaca valley. The tranquility of this valley is lovely and easily observe groups of chamois and mouflon. Finally valleys Coma de Vaca and Freser meet and come to the shelter Coma de Vaca.