Coma de Vaca Shelter - Ulldeter Shelter

Coma de Vaca Shelter - Ulldeter Shelter, through coll de la Marrana

Distance: 6 Kilometers

Time: 3 hours

Height: +534 m, -294 m

Signals: GR (red and whites lines)

Optional Peaks: Bastiments and Gra de Fajol (2883 m and 2708 m), add 2 h to the stage.


Climb gently Freser river, in the middle of the grass, often accompanied by cows and horses. We found many beautiful flowers that adorn the high mountain meadows. Easily hear the squeak of a typical marmot see that happen to alert their companions. After an hour, right where there is a rain gauge, leaving the valley to climb arduously to the pass, between the peaks of Bastiments and Gra de Fajol. Once up, we get carried milling GR-11 to the Ulldeter refuge.