Terms and rules

Each hiker must be responsible for assessing their mountain experience and assume the potential risks of the activity.

The organizers of the three shelters crossing are not responsible for any incident that may be followed along the journey. You must inform the weather forecast and bring the material appropiate. Well prepare your mountain hiking, studying the route map and description of the stages. Take the map-guide throughout the journey. It is also advisable to use a compass and GPS. In case of accident call 112.

The exclusive T-shirt will only delivery in Coma de Vaca refuge. To collect the shirt must be presented and sealed for the three refuges. Remember, at least, you must to sleep in half board rate on the Coma de Vaca refuge

It is necessary to keep the ski pass in good condition during the whole crossing, avoiding to the maximum wrinkle-it or to wet it. You can pick up the shirt in the Coma de Vaca Refuge at the end of the journey. 

Entitlement to seal the pass, you must make the journey uninterrupted. Therefore, the dates of the three shelters must be consecutives.