Coma de Vaca Shelter - Núria

Coma de Vaca Shelter - Núria, through engineers road

Distance: 10 Kilometers

Time: 3 hores 30 min

Heights: +368 m, -410 m

Signals: GR (red and white)

Optional Peak: Puigmal (2910 m), addr 3 h 30 min to the stage


The legendary engineers road follows the steep hillside overlooking Torreneules, really magnificent. We constantly dodging needles and rocky spurs crossing channels that are lost in the depths of the gorges milling. Hole in the handrail Malinfern find a cable that will facilitate the passage in this section acrobatic. The last part of the way it is less steep and réplicas de relojes follow it over Nuria pools. Finally we reached the Vall de Nuria Sanctuary, surrounded by the highest peaks in the region.